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Installation & Upgrades

Specializing in the installation of new systems, or the upgrading of existing fire alarm systems. We are an exclusive distributor for Mircom Fire Alarm systems.
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Fire Safety Inspections

Regular monthly and annual inspections of fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, and sprinkler systems by our team of qualified and experienced technicians.
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Fire Alarm Monitoring

Exclusive distributors for Firetronics, offering Fire Alarm Monitoring panels to connect fire alarm systems with the fire department. We offer the best solutions in fire alarm monitoring.
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Design & Engineering

Installing a new Fire Alarm system, upgrading and existing Fire Alarm system, or just making a few changes, all involves a degree of design beforehand.
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Consulting & Training

Sometimes the best answers are provided when we see the building itself, so we offer onsite one-on-one consulting.
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Emergency Light
Removal & Replacement

When you need to remove or replace your emergency lights, turn to Western Canada Fire Protection.
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Fire Panel Removal 
And Replacement

Fire panel removal and replacement are critical to maintaining a safe and effective fire protection system.
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Mircom -  Remove and Replace Old Enterphones

Keeping your intercom system up-to-date and in good working condition is crucial to ensure safety.
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Fire Safety Consulting

Sometimes the best answers are provided when we see the building itself, so we offer onsite, one-on-one consulting.

Our representative from WCFP can meet and discuss your needs and provide accurate information, helping you to understand what you need to know.

Mobile first safety service

Too busy to stop by our office with your Fire Extinguishers? WCFP Technitians will come to you, and if your Fire Extinguishers requires servicing at our shop they will leave you with a loaner so you are never without coverage.

Our Latest Blog Articles

August 29, 2022
Fire Safety Activities: Training and Consulting to Help Keep You Safe

If you manage a workplace, fire safety is vital yet often overlooked responsibility and therefore essential to the smooth operation of your business. Not only do fire safety activities save lives, but it also builds and promotes your team morale (which is the “carrot”) and sadly there is also the “stick”: it is possible to […]

August 15, 2022
Fire Safety in the Workplace: How To Prepare for an Emergency

In the past five years, fire-related deaths have soared in certain areas of Canada. While some may be unavoidable, with the right safety measures in place lots of these do not have to happen. Below, we give our essential tips to ensure correct fire safety in the workplace.  Key Takeaways: Have an Evacuation Strategy An evacuation strategy is […]

January 4, 2021
Mircom Fire Alarm Systems

Western Canada Fire Protection is an authorized distributor of Mircom Fire Alarm products. We have partnered with Mircom to provide their products and services to the Vancouver Island region. We also have highly experienced Mircom approved technicians on staff to provide expert advice, programming, and technical support including the best troubleshooting experience in the region. […]

January 4, 2021
What Is Fire Protection?

When it comes to the fire protection industry I often hear people say, “What is that? Do you mean like fire extinguishers and smoke alarms?” I smile when I hear that. While that is true, those things are only a part of it. The real answer is that the Fire Protection Industry is the service […]

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