Fire Alarm Monitoring

Did You Know?

When a fire erupts in a building, every second matters between containing the fire or losing the building, or worse, losing a life. That’s why it’s critical that the fire department be notified as soon as possible. But Fire Alarm Systems do not automatically contact the Fire Department. Either someone needs to call or they can be notified by a Monitoring Panel.

Monitoring panels automatically call the fire department as soon as an Alarm is activated thus eliminating human error. This is the best way to ensure the fire department arrives as quickly as possible.

What You Need To Know

Monitoring systems are the best way to ensure Fire Department protection for a building. The BCFC explains where Monitoring systems are required. Generally it is required if it meets one of the following conditions:
  • The building is 6 stories or over.
  • The building’s capacity is over 300 people.
  • The building (or a unit in the building) has a liquor license (LLBO)
  • The building contains combustables
  • The building has a Fire Sprinkler System
  • The Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) requests the building be monitored.

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Western Canada Fire Protection offers the ESC 8240, a ULC rated Fire Alarm System Monitoring Solution in partnership with Firetronics 2000 Inc. This Monitoring System will automatically call the local fire department during an alarm event.

What We Do

We can supply and install the ESC 8240 Monitoring Panel and connect to your existing Fire Alarm System. Programming, setup, servicing, and annual inspections can all be taken care of by our trained professionals.

Firetronics Model 8240

The unit is entirely self contained and requires only AC power. It communicates via a private LTE cellular network. The Monitoring Panel monitors Fire Alarms, Troubles (as indicated by the Fire Alarm System) and Supervises the sprinkler system.

Advantages over other monitoring systems

  • It does not require a second phone line as with other systems. This means that there are no additional fees. The user only pays the regular monitoring fees.
  • Active Monitoring. The panel communicates to a central monitoring station every 90 seconds, thus ensuring the system is operating with up to the minute reporting. Other systems only communicate once every 24 hours, meaning that a total loss of communication may not be noticed in time.
  • There is no extra programming, no extra buttons and no onsite trouble alarms. The Panel is as simple as required, thus reducing potential troubleshooting issues. This also reduces the standby battery requirement, meaning cost saving to the user at the time of battery replacement.
  • The Panel itself is made of strong, Military Grade material. It has been in constant use by the Department Of Defense throughout Canada for over 30 years. The 8240 uses this same panel with modern internal communication hardware providing superior, lightning speed communication anywhere in Canada where it can receive an LTE signal.
  • The Panel is small and can be located virtually anywhere in a building eliminating the requirement that it be only beside the Fire Alarm System.
  • The 8240 has the capacity to offer Device Monitoring with select Addressable Fire Alarm Systems. This means it can go beyond the basic requirement to report a generic Alarm, Trouble or Supervisory signal. The 8240 can even report the specific device in the building that is reporting the problem. This can greatly reduce service call times, thus reducing long term maintenance costs. (Call to determine eligibility.)
  • The 8240 Monitoring panel has the capacity to go beyond Fire Alarm Monitoring. The panel can monitor virtually any type of monitoring device without the requirement of a fire alarm panel. Other types of monitoring include, rain, snow, & water sensors. High and Low level water sensors. Pressure sensors and more. Is any situation where you require instant notification or device monitoring the 8240 Monitoring Panel is the superior solution.

What you should know

The 8240 monitoring panel cannot connect to every fire alarm panel. Some older Fire Alarm panels do not have the capacity to send the appropriate signals. Additional components may be required depending on the individual system. Additionally a strong LTE signal is required. This is generally not an issue in urban areas. While we have the ability to boost reception, not all areas in Canada have LTE coverage by cellular providers. We can determine if your building meets the required criteria.
For a free quote, call our office today and ask to speak with a representative. We are available to answer your questions and help you get the solution you need.

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For a free quote, contact our office today and ask to speak to a representative. We are available to answer your questions and help you get the solution you need.
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