Fire Safety Inspections

Western Canada Fire Protections offers Inspection Services on all Fire Protection equipment, including:
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Emergency Lighting & Exit Signage
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring Systems
  • Backflow Preventers
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Emergency Generators
  • Fire Hose and Standpipe Systems
  • Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems
  • Smoke Alarms

What You Need To Know

Every building with life safety equipment requires regular inspection and maintenance as per NFPA and BCFC regulations. The responsibility falls on the building owner to ensure that this is being performed as required.
Please refer to our Chart: Building Owners Responsibilities for Fire Safety Equipment to identify what and when inspections need to be done. Or call our office and speak to a consultant.

Fire Safety Inspection Intervals

The intervals that fire safety equipment is required to be inspected can be broken down into 3 primary groups:

How We Can Help

Our trained and qualified technicians can come to your building and perform the required inspections and testing as per CAN/ULC requirements. All inspections come with supporting documentation and recommendations for repair or service as necessary.

What We Do

Each inspection is tailored to the fire safety equipment in the building. We offer complete inspection packages for Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual inspections. Standard rates apply for monthly inspections but pricing for annual inspections depend on what equipment is in the building therefore we quote each annual inspection separately.

Monthly Inspections

For monthly inspections we offer the following services:

Fire Alarm System Testing

We inspect and test the fire alarm system by activating the system on standby power to ensure correct operation of the alarms. Each month we operate a different pull station.

Emergency and Exit Lighting Testing

We activate the emergency and exit lighting on backup power and inspect all lighting to ensure operability.

Fire Extinguishers: We inspect all fire extinguishers onsite.

Sprinkler & Standpipes

We inspect pressure gauges on the sprinkler and standpipe systems.

Quarterly Inspections

Sprinkler Systems

We Inspect and test sprinkler systems as per NFPA 25.

Annual Inspections

Fire Alarm Systems

We conduct a complete full test of the entire Fire Alarm System including each device in the building and ensure that every component is working as intended.

Sprinkler System

We Inspect, test, operate, and maintain the components of each system as required. We Test the standpipe system, check the drains and test the control valves. We inspect the supply of spare sprinkler heads and replace as necessary.

Standpipe Fire Hoses

We Inspect the standpipe hoses and re-rack.

Fire Extinguishers

We Conduct maintenance procedures on all fire extinguishers.

Electromagnetic Door Holders

We test all door mags to ensure proper operation with the fire alarm system.

Fire Dampers

We inspect the fire dampers in conjunction with the operation of the fire alarm system.

Emergency Generator

We can Inspect, Test and Maintain the emergency generator as per CAN/CSA-282.

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Fire Safety Inspections

Regular monthly and annual inspections of fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, fire extinguisher, and sprinkler systems by our team of qualified and experienced technicians.
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Fire Alarm Monitoring

Exlusive distributors of FIretronics, offering fire alarm monitoring panels to connect fire alarm systems with the fire department. We offer the best solutions in fire alarm monitoring.
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Design & Engineering

Installing a new fire alarm system, upgrading an existing fire alarm system, or just making a few changes. All these involve a degree of design before hand.
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Consulting & Training

Sometimes the best answers are provided when we see the building itself, so we offer on site one-on-one training
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Emergency Light Removal & Replacement

Emergency lighting is more than just something required by the BC building code, it is designed to save lives. We can help upgrade and replace old lighthing.
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Fire Panel Removal & Replacement

Fire panel removal and replacements are critical to maintaining a safe and effective fire protection system.
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Mircom – Remove & Replace Old Enterphones

We remove and replace old enterphone systems. As a Mircom supplier and installer we use only the best when we remove and replace.
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