Fire Alarm System Installations & Upgrades

Fire Alarm systems are an integral safety component in almost every large building in BC. The British Columbia Building Code stipulates where and how they are to be installed. Fire Alarm Systems include many components including the Fire Alarm panel, smoke and heat detectors, and bells or horns to name a few. Fire Alarm installation can be broken into three categories:
  • New installations
  • Alterations to an existing system
  • System retrofit
Western Canada Fire Protection specializes in the installation of Fire Alarm systems both in new buildings and in older buildings requiring upgrades.
Our qualified design and build team, includes:
  • Consultants
  • Engineers
  • Electricians
  • Programmers

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We are uniquely experienced in the installation of Fire Alarm Systems and can provide the right solution for any sized project. We are highly knowledgeable in all Canadian and Provincial Building and Fire Codes, including local bylaws. We also work closely with local authorities including the fire departments and municipal building authorities to ensure that the final product will operate properly and meet all required standards.

How We Can Help

Whatever your needs are, big or small, new or retrofit, we can help. We can offer complete packages, including everything you need to complete a project. Call us today and let us know your needs. Allow us to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. And then allow us to provide you with a free quote.

Did you know?

If any part of a fire alarm system fails to work as designed and cannot be repaired immediately, then the building is required to go on “firewatch”. This means that an individual is required to physically inspect each area not covered by the fire alarm system, to document their findings and to repeat this procedure every hour. Orders for a Fire watch can be issued by the local Fire Department.

Mircom Parts & Service

We are a Mircom Authorized Distributor for Vancouver Island. The Mircom Line of Fire Alarm products is recognized as a leader in Canadian Fire Alarm systems. We also have authorized programming technicians with vast technical knowledge. Whatever you need we can help. Call us today for Parts or service on any Mircom product. Parts can be purchased from our Langford location or can be shipped directly to you.

Elevator Upgrades

As with all systems in a building, elevators will eventually wear out and require replacement. When considering an elevator upgrade there are a number of additional things to take into consideration before work can begin.

Did You Know?

Elevator upgrades can necessitate an upgrade to the fire alarm system. Often when an elevator gets upgraded it must be installed to current code requirements. Rules regarding ‘elevator homing’ have been updated to provide a better response in the event of a fire. Most older elevators have the built in capacity that in the event of a fire the elevator will automatically lower to the main floor and the doors will open and remain as such until overridden. However the new code stipulates that the elevator is required to detect if there is smoke on any floor and respond accordingly. If fire is detected in the elevator shaft, the coordoors or the elevator machine room, the elevator is required to lower and open on the main floor. However if smoke is detected on the main floor then the elevator is required to go to an alternate floor such as the second floor and remain open requiring any occupants to use the emergency stairs.
These new code regulations require the elevator to communicate with the Fire Alarm system and for the Fire Alarm to have the appropriate detectors on each floor. Fire Alarm systems in older buildings generally do not have the capability to meet the code requirements and therefore have to be altered or upgraded to accommodate the needs of the elevator upgrade.

What You Need To Know

There have been a number of different solutions presented in the past to accommodate the elevator homing requirements. However it should be noted that not all of these solutions were correct or meet all code requirements. In some cases the installed solutions were not compliant and therefore were required to be altered at considerable cost to the client. If you are considering an upgrade to your elevator system be sure to take into account the current code requirements, local bylaws and how it will tie into the existing fire alarm system.

How We Can Help

We at Western Canada Fire Protection are very familiar with elevator upgrades and the current code regulations. We can advise on what would be required and how to implement it. We also work closely with all major elevator contractors on vancouver island and cooperate on elevator modernization projects regularly.

What We Do

We offer consulting services and expertise on elevator modernizations and specialize in cost effective solutions. We also work with electrical contractors and collaborate on projects that involve the fire alarm system, elevator upgrade and the electrical. We can provide solutions for any size elevator modernization, weather hydraulic or cable, that require integration to a fire alarm.

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Fire Safety Inspections

Regular monthly and annual inspections of fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, fire extinguisher, and sprinkler systems by our team of qualified and experienced technicians.
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Fire Alarm Monitoring

Exlusive distributors of FIretronics, offering fire alarm monitoring panels to connect fire alarm systems with the fire department. We offer the best solutions in fire alarm monitoring.
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Design & Engineering

Installing a new fire alarm system, upgrading an existing fire alarm system, or just making a few changes. All these involve a degree of design before hand.
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Consulting & Training

Sometimes the best answers are provided when we see the building itself, so we offer on site one-on-one training
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Emergency Light Removal & Replacement

Emergency lighting is more than just something required by the BC building code, it is designed to save lives. We can help upgrade and replace old lighthing.
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Fire Panel Removal & Replacement

Fire panel removal and replacements are critical to maintaining a safe and effective fire protection system.
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Mircom – Remove & Replace Old Enterphones

We remove and replace old enterphone systems. As a Mircom supplier and installer we use only the best when we remove and replace.
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For a free quote, contact our office today and ask to speak to a representative. We are available to answer your questions and help you get the solution you need.
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